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When I first had the idea for Wise Woman Undies I had no idea how to do anything that was required from me to bring the idea to fruition. I had to learn everything regarding fabrics, sewing, patterns, suppliers, screen printing, web design (hmmmm that one took awhile), facebook!, marketing, accounts. Sometimes it felt so overwhelming I just wanted to let it go. But neither my heart or my mind could release it.

Over the course of a year I completed some courses in various things and sewed 100's of pairs of undies to get my skills down pat!

My family and friends now have a lifetime supply.

I am a spiritual person, I have always felt connected to things that even I do not understand let alone those around me. When I left my job without any clue as to what I was going to next i simply said 'you lead and I will follow'. This comment was made in the film 'Noble' by Christina Noble who founded an orphange in Saigon. True story. She was struggling in a foreign city and was feeling lost regarding her purpose and said, 'you lead and I will follow'. When it came to my mind in a moment among endless hours beach walking I thought, 'that seems better than me trying to work it out'. So whenever I began to wonder where I was going I said those words.

I never would have imagined that I would be led to undies!

And I would never have imagined that I would LOVE them soooo much!


It does however in hindsight make a lot of sense. I was always a little envious of those people who had a passion and a concrete purpose to pour that passion into. Working with youth at risk had been my passion.

But then  I was speaking with a friend and I observed my feelings regarding being in the hand made ethical undies business and I realised I was indeed still working with my passions;

Equality, fairness, authenticity, feminism, environment, independence, meaning, spirituality

and comfortable bloody undies!!!!


I always wore men’s boxer underwear as I found women’s underwear so uncomfortable partly because of the elastic and partly because most female undies tend to sexualise women and therefore you spend half your day picking your undies out of your butt!


Wise Woman Undies are an original design.

Hand made to fit your body like a glove. Your body! Every body! They are super comfortable.

They have no elastic so no cut ins and they do not creep up your butt.

They are designed to fit around the curves of your body. They fit beautifully on all shapes and all sizes.

No elastic combined with the softness and stretch of the fabric they simply gently hug your natural shape.

They look great, feel great ,are great!!

For YOU, for the Planet and for your BUTT!!




The idea for Wise Woman Undies originated in January 2016 with a conversation I was having with a friend about the objectification, sexualiation and de-sexualisation of women. I declared to her as an end statement ‘ right down to our fucking underwear!’ In that moment I saw a vision of the undies that eventually manifested as Wise Woman Undies.

There are three products in the Wise Woman Undies range:

, GODDESS undies, GAIA undies and Frankensteins undies.



Reclaim your light. Reconnect to your power. Rebalance the world.


Wise Woman Goddess undies are hand printed with symbols that represent the empowerment and healing of the feminine energy!

Feminist undies!


While on sabbatical from my previous life’s job in corporate welfare (where I worked in middle management and got squished to the point I exploded) in 2015 I walked 1000 miles on the beach with my dog (who was simply delighted to be outside so much chasing birds and living a dogs dream life), swam in the ocean and pondered many things of spirit. I was very blessed to have the opportunity for a year of spiritual immersion while being immersed in natue. Through this time I found my heart turning toward the Goddess and reaching a deep comprehension of how the disrespect, disregard and devaluation of the feminine had a direct correlation to the disregard, disrespect and devaluation of Earth, our planet.


Spiritual immersion sometimes brings forth things that need to be brought to light. I had an experience deep and personal where I could not stop screaming. My dog thought I was going mad I think, or thought he was, as he couldn't actually see what I was screaming at. No words came just long gut wrenching soul tearing heart breaking screams. And on the final long soul bursting scream came a blinding light and within the light one word: RECLAIM.

I understood this to mean Reclaim your light.

We as women not only have had our light taken from us, violently, obviously, unforgivably and subtly, surreptitiously, in secret and in silence, and in all the dis-empowering ways in between, oftentimes with political and social consent, we also give it away.

The devaluation and dis-empowerment of the feminine, culturally, socially, economically and politically has culminated in us accepting the position delegated and in doing so we both willingly and unwittingly give our light away.

I know I myself have given my light to those who did not honour it.

We need to recall our light back to ourselves and to the Mother, the feminine, the Goddess, the divine.

We need to take responsibility, scream loud and long into the world from a wild place or whisper it from your souls core


See it, feel it, know it as it returns to your soul, spirit, body and mind.

In doing so we shall stand in our truth once more.


In reclaiming our light we will reconnect to our power.


Once filled again with the light and value of the feminine, of ourselves, we will feel the power to stand in our truth and demand the respect, regard and value for the feminine energy and the qualities of the feminine as it was of old. Reconnecting to your power will give you voice and choice. 


In finding your voice and standing in the truth of your power we shall re-balance this world.

The imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies and the consequences of this imbalance of power has brought our world to the edge of destruction, socially, politically, environmentally and spiritually..

The Goddess embodies the feminine.The God embodies the masculine.

The CREATOR is both feminine and masculine energy as one.

Why do we not honour and respect the energetic qualities of half of existence on this planet and half the Divine?





Gaia Undies are made from organic color grown cotton. The cotton grows in color! Wild Cotton! Magical


Natural Earthy Beauty


Frankes are a part of the Wise Woman Undies range. They came into being when I was having a crisis of confidence regarding my ability to manifest my comfy feminist undie business idea into reality.

I looked at my undies that I had on, which I had sewn and I thought...what am I doing!! I cant even sew straight!! My undies look like Frankensteins monsters! And (insert lightbulb) I thought...;hmmm Frankenstein's'...something settled in my heart, I wiped my tears and found a purpose for the day.


Off i went to source some second hand fabics, returned, started sewing and I loved them!

Then my sister loved them, then my mum, then my friends, then my friends friends, then :)


Frankensteins gave me the freedom from seeking perfection in my sewing. It was so stressful trying to sew perfectly straight! And whether I sewed straight or not did not affect the quality of my undies just the look. And I loved the craziness of them.

No pressure, no stress, no seeking perfection, no judgement, just freedom and funky undies!

I was being told it wasn’t good enough for others to buy This was sooo WRONG! Everyone LOVES their Frankes.


We could all do with experiencing the feeling of freedom that comes from embracing imperfection! Seeking some kind of unattainable perfection is exhausting! Best just to be yourself! I’m a bit messy...yet such a glorious mess!


When I first had the idea to make comfy undies, that did not sexualise women yet made women feel fabulous and look fabulous, I wanted to use fabrics from discarded clothing. I have always sourced my clothes, shoes, furniture etc from second hand stores and Op Shops. But, those in the know, who knew how to sew said...hmmm I don’t think you can do that!


So that day as I sat crying whilst having a mild existential crisis on the loo and I said the word ‘Frankensteins’, it all just felt so right :) So without heeding the advice from others, I followed my own!

So, that is how Wise Woman Undies and Frankensteins Undies came to be.





Wise Woman Undies are my baby. I love my undies and I guarantee you will too :)

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