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Wise Woman Bamboo and orgranic cotton blend fabric. 10 prints available.

The Spiral: An ancient symbol of the feminine. It represents growth, fertility, creation & fullfillment. Being in the flow of the divine feminine energy and life.

The Circle of Life: represents the infinite natue of energy, the rhythmic circular universal danceof creation. It is a symbol of t female power and the sacred and divine feminine.

Goddess Brigit: Goddess of healing, childbirth, action, inspiration, achievement and creativity. Brigit is the keeper of the flame and the well.

The Whale:  the keeper of feminine wisdom. The whale teaches listeinging to your intuition and following your own truth. She brings healing and reconnection to your unique abiities and power.

The Luna Moth: signifies rebirth andnew beginnings. It is seen as a symbol of spiritual transformation, of heightened awareness and striving toward your own truth.

The 10 point star: represents the sacred union between the Goddess and God. The balance between Spirit and matter. it represents the connection of all to the ALL of infinite cosmic creation.

The Healing Sun: is for accessing the unique healing power of the cosmos. It helps with recovery from setbacks and challenges and supports reconnection to the flow, the natural rhythm and harmony of life.

Abracadabra: is an ancient alchemy symbol used for supporting emotional and physical healing and manifesting you dreams into reality.

OM AUM: symbolises the soul or self within. It represents the divine tuth, cosmic principles, universal knowledge, wisdom, spirit and energy. The sound of life.

The Triple Moon: symbolises all aspects of female power, intuition, insight, creative energy, wisdom and mystery. It has been used by many ancient cultures to represent the divine feminine.

The Swan: is for awakening your inner power. Swan symbolises grace, intuition, self esteem and balance.


Select your print from the drop down box when ordering.

Goddess Undies Organic cotton & Bamboo

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric is a mid weight very soft feel fabric with good stretch. 220 GSM. High quality.

    Prints are palced in the cente of the undies as a default. Prints can be ordered to be placed anywhere on the undies. If you want your print to the side just leave a message when ordering which side you would like it placed.

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